Coronavirus – Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

The WHO has issued the following advice to support your mental health:

  • Minimise watching, reading or listening to news that causes you to feel anxious or distressed
  • Seek information only from trusted sources and mainly to take practical steps to prepare your plans and protect yourself and loved ones.
  • Seek information updates at specific times during the day, once or twice. The sudden and near-constant stream of news reports about an outbreak can cause anyone to feel worried.
  • Get the facts; not the rumours and misinformation.
  • Also remember to keep as active as possible and take time to self-care with activities that promote your own wellbeing -see section ‘Five Ways To Wellbeing’

Stress and Anxiety

Grief and Loss

Dealing with grief and loss resources:

Isolation Tips

Young People

Struggling To Cope

If you are still struggling to cope and you are concerned about your mental health or the mental health of another person here are some really helpful organisations via the link below including support for Suicide Prevention:

Samaritans Gloucester

Telephone: 01452 306333 or national helpline open 24/7 – Dial 116 123.

If you are in need of emergency assistance please dial 999.