Covid Vaccine Update

Please be advised that NHS England have sent out letters advising that residents have an option to book online for vaccinations. Unfortunately due to schedules and priority groups this faciutomatically find the most local centre for receiving the jab so may send residents from Brockworth to Malvern etc.

Following comments from many of you enquiring as to where we are in the covid vaccination programme , here is and update and hopefully an oversight into how we are working through our patients.

We are extremely proud of our team and the commitment and hard work they are putting in to protect our community.

We are by no means behind and are vaccinating as many as we can subject to delivers, Gloucestershire as a county are way ahead in the National delivery programme.

As many of you know we have joined with 5 other surgeries to deliver this programme at Churchdown Community Centre and we are all working through our cohorts in order trying to ensure we finish each cohort at roughly the same time, this again is very dependent on when and what vaccine we receive and numbers in each cohort of the other surgeries.

In Brockworth we are currently inviting our 16-64 patients who have underlying conditions and mopping up the patients in the other groups , once we have these done we will be starting to work through the other cohorts so our next group will be 60 -65.

Please be reassured no one will be missed but we can only do patients when we are allocated vaccines, as many of you are aware we are also starting the second doses for the over 70 ‘s and will be working those clinics into our deliveries and contacting patients again to come for their 2nd doses.

Please continue to be patient we are doing our best and will contact everyone on our lists.

Can we please ask patients to not contact surgery asking where they are on the list as we are still getting lots of these phone calls.