Covid Vaccine Update

Brockworth surgery are busy planning our first vaccination clinic which will hopefully be next week.

Due to the complexities of the covid vaccine Brockworth have teamed up with other local practices to deliver this.

Designated sites have been developed across the county. Once we have our delivery confirmed we will be inviting our patients over 80 to attend the designated site, they will not be done in our surgery premises. (further details to follow).

Please do not contact us, the relevant patients will receive an invite as soon as we can. Full details of the plans will then be communicated. We will be starting with our over 80 patients and our patients in the nursing homes. As we receive more deliveries more patients will be invited in following the Government guidance in order of risk groups. The shielding group of young patients will get it at the same time as 70-74 group.

Some of the other practices within our group received the first delivery last week, and we are pleased to say the first clinics have gone really well.

Some of our staff attended for their vaccine, and to watch the process, ready for our clinic.

We are working round the clock to plan for these covid vaccinations (whilst still maintaining surgery services), and we are excited to be able to start inviting our patients soon. Please be patient in the meantime and wait for us to contact you, so please use eConsult and keep our phone lines free for those who need us.

We will do our best to keep everyone updated.